I know a lot about feminism and women’s rights and the history

I going to repeat everyone saying to stay off the sand after dark! My friends and I got mugged going to piss in the ocean literally like 2 hours before this post was made. I wish I had seen this thread earlier. We were told it would be fine, there were lots of people around….

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That is a very odd/incorrect thing to say that there is «no other option to graduate without crippling debt». I all for finding better alternatives for lowering school tuition or paying for it, but that a poorly worded statement that shouldn have garnered nearly as much support as the up votes suggest. You are literally…

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Annette was and always will be a cherished member of the Disney family, synonymous with the word Mouseketeer, and a true Disney Legend. She will forever hold a place in our hearts as one of Walt Disney’s brightest stars hair toppers, delighting an entire generation of baby boomers with her jubilant personality and endless talent….

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I have no idea how to assert my right to life and defend myself against them when I know all they’ll do is get angry dildos, blow me off and downplay what I say, or both. Like I need my mom thinking I’m being disrespectful and getting furious. When she’s upset she doesn’t say very…

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My boyfriend and I have been talking about bringing someone else into our sex life wholesale sex toys wholesale sex toys, trying out swinging wholesale sex toys, etc. We’re an attractive and fun couple so I don’t think we’d have any issue attracting others. My concern, though, is if this is something that would be…

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I keep my eyes on the sales papers, and try not to go to the store without a coupon. The papers are loaded with deals just like the one I just received. Sometimes family members and friends that don’t use coupons actually give me coupons from their sales papers. hair extensions «It’s interesting because in…

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«Mr. Selig chose to hide in his office in Milwaukee rather than come testify at the grievance hearing in New York. In Mr. Most people consider steroids to be illegal especially when purchased online. While this may be true in the United States steroids, it is not so in most other parts of the world….

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Trying to make very high value commodity chemicals from biomass that can be used to make different kinds of plastics and plasticizers, says George W. Huber, a professor of chemical and biological engineering at UW Madison. Many people have been focusing on fuels steroids, which are a pretty low value product $600 or $700 per…

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And Wilkinson steroids, M. (2016) ‘Surface faulting during the August 24, 2016, central Italy earthquake (Mw 6.0) : preliminary results.’, Annals of geophysics., 59 (Fast Track 5). Pp. A clogged pore/follicle which is not exposed to air is a white head. A clogged pore/follicle which turn a dark black or brown due to the follicle…

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Just let her keep talking and saying stupid racist, classist things. Good. Can stand her either, and I think she even more dangerous to our personal freedoms than Palin. I forgot was I was thinking about.That year I headed to college and drove the next town over to buy sex toys with a chick friend….